Who we are

Cavist is a contract manufacturer specializing in sealing and protecting electronics via low pressure injection molding technology, and other means, appropriately. We work with our customers to provide complete turnkey support including: engineering, prototyping, procurement, assembly, overmolding, testing, programming, and packaging. Based in Reno, Nevada, we are ISO 9001-2015 certified and ITAR registered.

Where we’ve been

The founders of Cavist knew about Low Pressure Injection Molding (the gentle process of over-molding electronics with Polyamide materials) from automotive manufacturing in Europe. This process was developed by Henkel and initially introduced to European automotive manufacturing in the 1980’s. It improved the process of encapsulating electronics. Benefits were less material usage and faster processing. The process is nontoxic, a great advantage when compared to potting with epoxies and or urethanes. Furthermore, the Polyamide materials used for over-molding electronics are made from natural products, they are nontoxic, bio degradable, and can be recycled.

Cavist’s founders realized early on that there was a strong need in the United States for an alternative to the traditional potting process, typically used to protect and encapsulate electronics. As a result, Cavist was incorporated in 1998 to bring Low Pressure Injection Molding to the US. Initially, equipment was imported from Europe, but it was soon realized that a more efficient machine was needed. The Cavist team set out to develop a superior range of (Mold-man) machines. All machine development was done in-house at Cavist. A thorough understanding of the materials and the process was needed in order to develop the Mold-Man line of equipment. As a testimony to the quality and efficiency of these machines, Mold-Man™ Machines were sold globally. Safe to say that the Low Pressure Molding equipment developed by Cavist started a global push for this type of electronic encapsulation. Many competitors were “inspired” by Cavist equipment and efforts.

Where we are today

Contract Manufacturing Services became our focus. Cavist Manufacturing became a standalone entity in 2008, with the sole focus of overmolding electronics for customers on a contract basis. In early 2014, Mold-Man Machines became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ellsworth Adhesives, and Cavist Manufacturing continues on, as it is today, with a focus on service.

The vast experience gained from the years of learning the best ways to process Polyamide materials, using its in-house developed equipment, Cavist has gained an undeniable advantage over any competitor. Cavist is the world leader when it comes to overmolding very complex and sensitive electronics, the same leader that pioneered an industry in the US, a benefit available to each and every Cavist customer.

Where we’re going

Cavist has, from the start, been an innovative, driven company. Creating custom solutions for customers is something that is at the core of our being. As new technologies emerge, and as customers needs push the capabilities of what is available, Cavist will be there. And if there’s a need for a new way to do things, Cavist will keep on innovating.