Electronic Overmolding Projects

Electronic Overmolding Projects range from Automotive products and Outdoor Electronics,  to Military products, medical products and more. Many of our projects are not shown here, but rest assured, if there’s a project that can benefit from overmolding and protecting electronics, you can bet that we have either done something like it already, or we’ll soon be doing it for you. If it can be done, Cavist is the one that can do it. [See more about a typical project…]

Below is an overview of example projects.

electric automobile charger connector

This project example showcases an electric vehicle charging connector. With an integrated light pipe, sensitive PCB and electronics, electric connectors, and integrated grommets, this product shows quite a bit of our capabilities. With electric vehicle manufacturing on the rise, customers will be glad to know, we’ve done it. And we’ll be doing it again. [See full details about this automotive product project example…]

Outdoor Electronics

Outdoor electronics are our specialty. The elements that these endure can destroy a great idea, unless protected properly. This project demonstrates strength and durability by creating a minimalistic shape that is both strong and effective, while allowing the elements, in this case direct water and soil, to surround the product after it’s shoved into the ground. [See full details about this outdoor electronics project example…]