Unmolded Electronics


Overmolded Electronics


We make our process fit your product

Design for Manufacturability is a key part in our process. We apply the knowledge we have gained in the past 20 years, to overmolding your products in our facility. We place a high amount of emphasis, on engineering for each and every product we manufacture, based on customer and project requirements. We’re your manufacturing partner every step of the way. Our value added services are as follows:

  • Project evaluation (technical and commercial)
  • Application engineering and Design For Manufacturing
  • Prototyping (as needed)
  • First articles for production
  • Production tooling and automation
  • Production ESD packaging trays

We help you design for manufacturability

Our engineering department will study your project in great detail. We use insight gained from our Application Checklist, a very valuable tool we have developed specifically for our manufacturing process. Additionally, we reference your solid model, and parts, if available. Our engineers will provide input and guidelines to make the part easer to manufacture (DFM+), to make it stronger, improve aesthetics, etc. We can perform mold-flow analysis to test overmold material flow within the mold-set, to determine if the overmold will provide the desired results.

Moldflow Analysis

Mold-flow analysis assists in determining ideal material flow for overmolding electronics, locations for gating, proper venting, and preventing short shots and voids. This example demonstrates the flow of material when overmolding the printed circuit board assembly. The moldset has been designed and engineered for ideal material flow, completely encapsulating and protecting the PCBA.