Can You Overmold Batteries?

With the surge in battery-powered electronics, the need for advanced protection methods has become more critical than ever…

Cavist Makes a Push into Medical Manufacturing


Wearable / Medical Electronics Wearable electronics have played a huge role in the growth of Cavist the last three years; and as the intersection of medical and wearable electronics grows less distinct, Cavist has added cleanroom manufacturing and ISO 13485 certification. A Widened Focus “Our core focus in overmolding electronics used to be solutions for […]

Epoxy Overmolding : A new approach to proven protection

Epoxy Overmolded PCBA

Epoxy Overmolded PCBA What is Epoxy Overmolding? When it comes to protecting electronics from harsh environments, design engineers have only a limited number of technologies to choose from. Unless the product can survive in a simple clamshell housing, options for protecting circuit boards include epoxy potting, conformal coating and low-pressure molding (LPM). Epoxy overmolding is […]

Tips and Ideas for LPM Designers

Cavist overmolding standard master batch compound process

Function vs. Aesthetics The look and feel of a molded product is important, but with LPM it is rarely the driving factor in a design. Engineers seek a molded electronic device that can pass testing and withstand harsh environments. While aesthetic appeal may not be critical to the product design, many of our customers do […]

Overmolding Electronics : Premold Design

overmolding electronics premold design

As mentioned elsewhere, it makes sense to consider a two-step overmolding approach in several situations: If the electronic assembly must be completely sealed If the positioning of the electronic package inside the final overmold is critical (sensor, antenna or Bluetooth chip locations may dictate accurate location) If the project requires light pipes, we will typically […]

Basic Design for Low Pressure Molding

LPM design overmolded electronics

Customers frequently ask us how to design a part for low pressure molding (LPM). Over the years, Cavist has built a comprehensive set of guidelines we utilize to ensure our success. Most of this knowledge was derived from years upon years of making mistakes, but looking back there is some common sense that is involved. […]