Cable Assembly

Soldered, Assembled… Overmolded.

What is Cable Overmolding?​

Overmolding is a superior solution for sealing cable assemblies and connectors against rugged end-use environments. Whether a medical application requiring sterilization, or a connector requiring effective strain relief, we have a solution.


The Cable Assembly Overmolding Process


The Cable Assembly Overmolding process begins with a soldered cable and PCB, or smart cable, previously assembled as part of our turnkey process. The unmolded cable assembly is loaded into the precision crafted tool or moldset with the cable securely exiting. The moldset closes, and the cavity fills with the appropriate Low Pressure Molding material, creating an all-in-one sealed component with strain relief adhered directly to the cable.

Why Cable Overmolding?

By sealing cable assemblies and connectors with low pressure molding material, we are able to provide a ruggedized package with known good adhesion to the cable or connector substrate. Inline PCBs, and smart connectors, can easily be overmolded with our 2-Shot approach for applications requiring increased wear resistance and/or sterilization.

Cable Assembly Overmolding Video

Cavist cable assembly
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Moldflow Analysis : You get one shot.

Moldflow Analysis helps us determine the flow of material in and around the cable assembly, as well as the material volume and the time involved in the molding process, as different materials vary.

Cable Assembly Overmolding

Cavist Cable Overmolding Moldflow Shot 1
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The Right Materials

Cavist uses material science to determine proper materials for a given cable assembly application. This is based on the rigidity or flexibility, required protection, or other particular requirements the cable assembly may have. 

Cavist knows Cable Assemblies

We build thousands of products that require a detailed understanding of IPC, J-standard, ISO, MIL-Spec, and more. Whether a simple connector, overmold or a complete cable harness assembly with demanding requirements, we can help take you from Vision to Volume manufacturing.