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technomelt material overmolded

Low Pressure Molding Materials

Henkel Technomelt® PA Series Polyamides

Our Low Pressure Molding process uses Henkel Technomelt® PA Series Polyamides, high-performance thermoplastics that can be processed at low processing pressure due to their low viscosity, allowing encapsulation of fragile components without damage.


Polyamide | High Temperature Resistance

Moldable polyamide with good adhesion for higher temperature applications such as automotive under-hood.

Polyamides | Good Adhesion to Various Substrates

Moldable polyamide with good adhesion properties and high temperature capability.

Polyamides | Excellent Adhesion to Various Substrates

Moldable polyamide with excellent adhesion to multiple substrates. Offers excellent flexibility for use in strain relief applications. UL RTI 95° C

Polyamides | Increased Hardness

Moldable polyamide with good strength and hardness for applications that require durability and impact resistance.

Polyamides | UV Exposure

Moldable polyamide material with outstanding adhesion properties to various substrates. UV resistance allows for use in outdoor applications.

2-shot material overmolded

2-Shot Molding Materials

TPE, TPU, Silicone, and more.

Some applications simply demand more. Conventional injection molding resins like TPU or Nylon cannot be processed directly over electronic devices because the processing pressure would destroy the components. Our 2-shot process uses low pressure molding to safely encapsulate the device, along with a second shot of engineering thermoplastics to provide increased strength or chemical resistance. Call or email to learn more about the material options.

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