About Us

The biggest little background

Vision-to-Volume Statement

Cavist is a contract manufacturer specializing in sealing and protecting electronics via low pressure injection molding technology, and other means, appropriately. Our primary goal is to determine the best way to encapsulate your electronic assembly, and scale that into volume manufacturing, here at Cavist.

20+ years of experience in Overmolding Electronics… Really.

It’s very unusual in this line of work to be able to truly claim 20+ years of experience. This is not ‘combined experience’ typically added up from a group of individuals. This is real. Over 20 years of low pressure molding pioneering, innovation, and problem solving, since 1998.

What this means is that Cavist knows how to overmold electronics and the nuance that goes with it: adhesion, material science, mold-making, production environments, measurable quality and automation.

Just Right

Based in Reno, Nevada, USA, with 35+ employees and 25+ injection molding machines, Cavist is ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified.

We have an incredible team of engineers, technicians, mechanics, managers and customer service individuals. We have just the right amount of horsepower, with complete control of processes, communication, resources and outcomes.

Located just a few miles from the Reno-Tahoe Airport, and just a bit further to the beautiful Sierra Nevadas and world-renowned Lake Tahoe, we happen to find Reno quite a nice place to live, work and play.

Timeline : A handful of landmark events.


Introducing the Cavist Corporation


Cavist introduces the first MoldMan Machine and applies for its first patent


Cavist introduces the MoldMan 8200


Cavist becomes the global leader in low pressure molding technology


Cavist Contract Manufacturing Division is born


The new 30,000 square foot facility


Cavist sells Equipment Manufacturing Division


2018 Cavist introduces 2-Shot Overmolding™


Cavist Becomes Employee Owned

Today : Cavist leads in sealing sensitive electronics

To this day, there is no other contract manufacturer with the knowledge and expertise that Cavist brings to the table when addressing the protection of sensitive electronics. As the demands of technology increase beyond the availability of existing resources, Cavist will be there forging ahead.

1998 Cavist Corporation Incorporated

1998 : Introducing the Cavist Corporation

The Cavist Corporation was incorporated in Reno, Nevada to bring protection of electronics by Low Pressure Molding (LPM) from Europe to the United States. Brought to you by Kurt Carlson (left) and Reimer Hansen (right), when denim was extremely fashionable.

2000 : Cavist introduces the first MoldMan Machine

Cavist introduced the first MoldMan machine to the world market. The Mold-man 8000, in it’s introductory state, utilized state of the art technology for self contained and self cooling Low Pressure Molding. The finely crafted wooden insulated hopper soon to become a powder coated metal finish. The most advanced LPM machine in the world at that point in time, naturally, is patented.
Cavist 2004 first MoldMan 8200 LPM Machine

2004 : Cavist introduces the MoldMan 8200

Cavist introduces the first high capacity Low Pressure Molding machine, the MoldMan 8200, now the most advanced of its kind. Already outdoing themselves.

2006 : The global leader in low pressure molding technology

With the experience of creating the most advanced LPM machines in the world, Cavist naturally becomes known for being an innovator and the expert in low pressure molding.

Cavist becomes the global leader in low pressure molding technology
2008 Cavist contract manufacturing division is born

2008 : Cavist Contract Manufacturing Division is born

Known as the industry leader in Low Pressure Molding, the demand for such expertise becomes so great that Cavist incorporates the Contract Manufacturing business, Cavist Manufacturing, to serve customers from inventors to Fortune 500 companies.

2012 : The new 30,000 square foot facility

Cavist buys new, 30,000 square foot facility to accommodate the demand for both Low Pressure Molding Equipment manufacturing as well as Contract Manufacturing volume. 30,000 square feet, and not a bit to spare.

2012 Cavist new 30000 sf. facility
Cavist sells the equipment manufacturing division

2014 : Cavist sells Equipment Manufacturing division

With such high demand for both equipment and contract manufacturing, Cavist decides to sell the Moldman Low Pressure Molding Equipment Manufacturing Division. This allows Cavist to focus solely on the demand for contract manufacturing for some of the most prominent companies in the world.

2018 : Cavist introduces 2-Shot Overmolding

In response to the demand for additional protection, outside that provided by Low Pressure Molding, Cavist invests in state-of-the-art Arburg injection molding equipment to develop the 2-Shot Overmolding process. Now, sensitive electronics can be protected from even more elements, and many more environmental factors.

2018 Cavist introduces 2-Shot overmolding™

2023 : Cavist Becomes Employee Owned

In 2023, Cavist became a 100% employee-owned company. This transition came after 26 years of remarkable growth and improvement. The change in ownership reflects the capability of the employee team and represents a substantial leap forward in ensuring the long-term success and stability of the company.

What does Cavist mean?

Over twenty years ago the founders of Cavist began searching for a name to represent the business, the brand, and their identity. Finding the appropriate name was not easy. Both from Denmark, they found themselves jokingly entertaining Danish slang terms essentially meaning ‘might be able to pull it off’.

They had to laugh. Since what they were about to embark on hadn’t yet been done, this pretty well summarized what was about to take place. So the Danish word ‘Kavist’ was Americanized, described more confidently as meaning ‘Can Do’, and the rest, as they say, is history.

At the heart of it all...

Innovation, the drive to perform, solving complex issues, and providing a level of customer service above and beyond, are at the heart of Cavist. Applying that to long term customer relationships, you could say, is what makes us tick.