The largest electronics overmolding service in the world

Cavist is the largest electronics overmolding service facility in the world. Our core business is overmolding electronics to seal and protect them against moisture, dust, dirt and vibration. Having pioneered this technology in the US, and with 20 years experience, Cavist is, without hesitation, the best when it comes to Low Pressure Overmolding. If it can be done, Cavist can do it. [ See an overview of our services…]


Your manufacturing partner

Our goal is to remain your long term manufacturing partner. Cavist can overmold products  provided by you. We also offer turnkey supply, from sourcing components through overmolding, testing, and final product, delivered to your door step. The choice is yours. [ See Cavist manufacturing project examples…]

A new level of Engineering

Cavist takes engineering to another level with what we call DFM+ or Design for Manufacturability… Plus. Cavist works with you and your team to design your products for manufacturing in our facility focusing on application, environment, form factor, material usage, and manufacturability, all with equal and important relevance. Cavist will work with you and your team to create the optimum overmolding solution. Your product will benefit from our 20 years of overmolding experience. [ Learn more about DFM+…]


Cavist overmolds and protects electronics in various shapes and sizes. Superiorly.

We are committed to helping customers come up with superior solutions to protect electronic devices and wearables manufactured in our USA facility. We assist in designing encapsulation that protects against moisture, vibration, impact, dust, and dirt. We also mold in grommets and strain relief for wires and cables. Our experience in overmolding electronics has made us a world leader in producing innovative, effective, and cost efficient products. [ See the Cavist overmolding gallery…]