Turnkey Supply

We don’t just overmold products...
we build them too.

Turnkey Supply, One Source.​

We are a contract manufacturer. Our specialty and core focus is encapsulating electronics via injection molding, and that will never change. But the market demands more of us. Customers want to have one supplier who can handle everything from design and prototyping, through supply chain management, manufacturing, testing and packaging. One responsible party. And we do it really well.

Let us do all the work.

Cavist turnkey procure


We are an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 certified manufacturing facility, which means we have a quality system for everything, including our purchasing and procurement. Our procurement and engineering team can work to leverage pricing on printed circuit boards, plastic components, ESD packaging and more.


As a value add, we can assist with basic soldering and assembly, or a complete box-build. We employ certified technicians and follow all industry standards
(IPC, Mil-Spec, etc.).

Cavist turnkey assemble
Cavist turnkey overmold


Overmolding is our core competency, but for many products it’s just one step along the way to a completed product. The more work we can do, around the overmolding, the more our customers benefit.


It has to work out of the box, and testing is something we take seriously. Our QA and engineering personnel can help come up with a test plan that ensures the product is fully functional before and after overmolding.

Cavist turnkey test
Cavist turnkey label


We offer services for laser engraving, custom labels, pad printing and more. Whatever your requirement for labelling and/or traceability, we can help.


ESD and damage in transit are a real concern, and we know how to mitigate that with high quality packaging. We can handle everything from ESD bags to reusable, custom foam inserts and vacuum molded trays.

Cavist turnkey package
Cavist turnkey shipping


All products are shipped to and from our Reno factory, centrally located on the West Coast. We can ship direct to you or your customer, domestically or internationally.