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Low pressure molding? We’ve got you covered.

Encapsulating electronics in various shapes and sizes.

Cavist Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer specializing in low pressure injection molding. Low pressure molding allows gentle encapsulation of delicate electronics to protect against hostile environments.

Let us protect your electronics

We are committed to helping our customers come up with superior solutions to protect their electronic devices. We will assist in designing encapsulation that protects against moisture migration, vibration, impact, dust, and dirt. We also provide grommets and strain relief for wires and cables. Our experience in application engineering has made us a world leader in creating innovative, effective, and cost efficient solutions for our customers.

Waterproofing electronics (IP 67)

IP 67 offers complete protection against the ingress of dust. Additionally, our products can be immersed in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. [Find out more about using low pressure molding for waterproofing electronics…]