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Cavist Takes the Spotlight in the Latest Edition of US Tech Magazine

Cavist takes the spotlight in the latest edition of US Tech magazine, featuring an exciting article titled “Overmolding: A Proven Method of Electronic Encapsulation for Medical Devices” authored by Peter Olisa.

The article explores the dynamic landscape of medical devices, emphasizing the critical role of electronic circuit boards in driving technological progress. It addresses challenges such as moisture ingress, thermal conductivity issues, and stringent sterilization requirements, introducing overmolding as a robust solution for electronic encapsulation.

Highlighting Cavist’s dedication to excellence, the article positions the company as a leader in the medical device industry:
“Cavist’s commitment to excellence and our expertise in overmolding technology position us as leaders in the medical device industry. Our innovative solutions address the intricate challenges faced by electronic circuit boards, ensuring the highest standards of functionality and protection.”

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