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Peter Olisa Featured in Easy Engineering Magazine Interview

We are pleased to present an insightful interview with Peter Olisa, our esteemed Head of Sales and Program Management. Easy Engineering Magazine, renowned for its comprehensive coverage of innovative products and companies, has chosen to highlight Peter’s expertise in overmolding and electronic encapsulation through a detailed interview.

In this discussion, Peter provides valuable insights into the complexities of overmolding and electronic encapsulation processes. He offers a comprehensive overview of Cavist’s services, with a particular emphasis on Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Prototyping. Additionally, Peter elaborates on the significance of materials such as TPE, TPU, and EMCs in enhancing the durability and performance of electronic devices.

Peter also showcases Cavist’s diverse portfolio, featuring overmolded products across various sectors including medical, automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial applications. Notable examples highlighted by Peter include CGM devices, sensors, body cameras, and light nodes.
Looking towards the future, the interview explores upcoming trends in electronics. Peter anticipates a notable increase in demand across industries and personal usage, foreseeing electronic innovations in 2024 that will significantly impact and transform our lives.

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